Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To Let Go Of Or To Set Down Thoughts?

In a post of mine published on PsychCentral, “Handling Intrusive Thoughts While Meditating,” I wrote about how to label and let thoughts go during meditation.  But currently, I’m in the midst of a crisis in my family and some pretty significant thoughts about it come up during meditation.  I don’t want to let these thoughts go.  They may help me figure things out, resolve things, and make things better.  If I let them go I may just lose them without any benefit of having had them.  This also happens when very creative ideas pop-up while meditating.  Why just let a good idea go and return to the breath?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Keep Quiet - State Your Intention, part two

I wrote in May in a post called “State Your Intention” of a meditation that helps to establish an intention and put it to use in working toward your goals.  Framing a positive and present intention can help us stay to directed and achieve what we want.  Intention can be a guide as we work to become the person we want to become.  Make sense?  Well, not so fast.